The Elusive Destination Wedding Capsule Collection

The Elusive Destination Wedding Capsule Collection

Aren’t destination weddings the most fun? Actually more than the wedding festivities, we feel dressing up for them is way more exciting and challenging! But first, you need to know the theme of the destination wedding to select your outfits. Be it a beach wedding, a heritage theme wedding, traditional wedding or a fancy contemporary wedding, you should always dress to kill (not literally though)

Our destination wedding collection features sheer and delicately constructed outfits, which unravel a timeless elegance and unique sophistication. The Tanieya Khanuja team says,

"Drawn to the vast world around her, this collection is an ode to the beautiful rebel who revels in flickering spontaneity & zealous moments. Possessing an insatiable desire for the daring & romantic, the Elusive Love bride is in a league of her own"

We love the ethereal look of the Verdille, with its cascading organza ruffles lend a playful appeal to the soft fabric of this one-shouldered gown, making it a stylish, flirty affair


Introducing Veronica: the grandeur of the eye-catching organza top complements the elegance of the embroidered ruffled skirt, resulting in a passionate melange of alluring colours and silhouettes. We can totally imagine this beauty at a sandy beach or cliffside wedding.


Make pre-draped sarees your best friend for a destination wedding, if you don’t know how to drape the regular sarees. Not only are they comfortable and easy to wear, but these ready pleated sarees also don’t bulk up your waistline with all those extra pleats. And makes for a figure-flattering and stylish dressing alternative.