The Look: Favourite sunglasses adorned by our Designer

The Look: Favourite sunglasses adorned by our Designer

Like sneakers or bags, sunglasses are an easy way to elevate and add something extra to your outfit. Needless to say, having just one pair that you break out season after season definitely doesn’t cut it in our designer's books! Anyone with the slightest interest in fashion should have a rotation of shades to suit the mood, outfit, or occasion.

Investing in a collection can seem daunting though, especially if you’re one of the clumsy and forgetful and are prone to leaving your shades on the beach or scratching them up. But having a selection of shades to work into your outfits can add serious style clout, whether that be by bringing a classic touch to a bold outfit or leveling up a clean look with an eye-catching design.

So we asked our designer, Tanieya Khanuja, what her style must-have (and not-so-must-have) was for summer and it turned out to be a pretty easy answer, whether you're a J.Crew thrifty or Miu Miu classicist., to give you some sneak peak into her collection.

Here are my top 5 summer sunglasses picks for this season:


1. Irresistor

IRRESISTOR is one of the most stylish Korean brands. Famous for their eclectic, extravagant and futuristic design, the IRRESISTOR glasses are handcrafted using the best Japanese titanium and acetate. I really love there oversized frame.



2. Gentle Monster

Another Korean brand which has been churning out some of the most chic vintage-inspired shades. 

What makes Gentle Monster so special, you might ask? Well, they’re known for their over-sized frames that instead of making you look bug-eyed, give you a mysterious look that is simultaneously flattering to most face shapes.



3. Linda Farrow

Anyone who's a true fashionista is already familiar with Linda Farrow's collection of luxe, vintage and limited -edition designer sunglasses. They appear in the chicest of boutiques and on the runway models of the hippest designer's shows, fashion mags and more



4. Miu Miu

Miu Miu comes across as immediate, instinctive and spontaneous in its designs. This is captured perfectly across the eyewear collection with its playful designs that exude a preppy quirkiness



5. Gucci

The gold standard in Italian luxury, Gucci sunglasses are perhaps most popular for their wide lens design that are sure to turn heads in a crowd. After all, if you’re rocking a new pair of trendy Gucci shades, you’re going to want the world to know


What’s your favourite sunglass brand? Let us know!