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  • Top & Trousers

    A Kaleidoscopic Moment

    Life is all about making the most of the present day, seizing it to create memories, and balancing the yin to your yan. So when I...

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  • Celebrating Love…

    A wedding is the perfect time to celebrate the gift of love, life, and true connections. And what better way to embody these sentiments than dressing...

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  • Cocktail Hour

    The key to a happy life is dressing up in your boldest, brightest outfit and having a lot of fun along the way. So staying true...

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  • The Right Kind Of Blues

    On some days, you just need the right accessories to add a dash of panache to your outfit. Which is why, I opted for a slim...

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  • Black Saves The Day

    I like a good tone-on-tone outfit, especially when it’s black. However, I like to add a little pop of colour in order to keep things interesting....

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  • Pant Suit

    A Moment In The Sun

    There's something empowering about wearing a pantsuit that not just makes you look chic but also gives you confidence. I wore this yellow pantsuit to a...

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  • I Dream Of Goa

    My wardrobe comprises a mixed bag of relaxed and glamorous fits that I mix and match according to my mood. On this particularly pleasant day, I...

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  • Something Like A Rainbow

    My mood serves as the biggest inspiration for my outfits. On some days, such as this one, I opt for a bright, fitted outfit that’s not...

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  • Shirt Up!

    Nothing like an outfit that can be taken from the boardroom to brunch in a jiffy. While I felt confident and powerful as I presided over...

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  • Saree, Not Sorry

    I love a good saree as much as the next Indian woman. But staying true to my designer aesthetics, I like adding a touch of modernity...

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  • Painting The Town Red

    Strong, sensual, and sophisticated, few things are as stylish and statement-making as a red pantsuit. In order to keep the focus on my outfit, I accessorised...

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  • It’s The Time To Shine

    During party season, I love a sequin coord set that can be styled effortlessly as it takes centre stage. To keep the look elegant and chic,...

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