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  • Dress

    Araceli Tafeta Dress

    The luxe taffeta hugs the body in a passionate embrace and the delicate organza ruffles add a touch of edginess to create an enticing outfit

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  • Dress

    Aria In White Pant Suit

    Make a chic and sophisticated statement with this white pant suit for women. The elegant and timeless design features a tailored blazer with a flattering silhouette...

    Regular price Rs. 64,800.00
    Sale price Rs. 64,800.00 Regular price
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  • Audrina Off-Shoulder Top With Drape Skirt

    Tanieya Khanuja’s women are like prisms reflecting colours. They leave behind a trail of grand legacies and without hesitation embrace the ethereal transformation into vibrant and...

    Regular price Rs. 71,600.00
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  • Dress

    Aurora Playfull Ruffle Dress

    The confection of organza ruffles with the intricate embroidery underneath beautifully balances delicate charm and graceful poise

    Regular price Rs. 59,800.00
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  • Dress

    Ava In Power Shoulders And A Flattering Silhouette Dress

    Make a powerful statement with this dress featuring power shoulders and a flattering silhouette. The figure-hugging design accentuates every curve while the power shoulders add a...

    Regular price Rs. 56,800.00
    Sale price Rs. 56,800.00 Regular price
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  • Top

    Bianca Mesh Top With Pleated Skirt

    We call this our remarkable art installation. One of our most captivating pieces, we tried to make this as close to hand blown glass as we...

    Regular price Rs. 59,600.00
    Sale price Rs. 59,600.00 Regular price
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  • Black Saves The Day

    I like a good tone-on-tone outfit, especially when it’s black. However, I like to add a little pop of colour in order to keep things interesting....

    Regular price Rs. 16,800.00
    Sale price Rs. 16,800.00 Regular price
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  • Bold Blue Belle Gown

    Step into the spotlight with this commanding dress, boasting powerful shoulders and a figure-enhancing silhouette. Embrace your curves as the sleek design accentuates your every move...

    Regular price Rs. 84,800.00
    Sale price Rs. 84,800.00 Regular price
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  • Bold Presence Black Gown

    Dazzle in this extraordinary dress that commands attention with its powerful shoulders and figure-enhancing silhouette. Embrace the allure of your curves as the smooth design accentuates...

    Regular price Rs. 76,800.00
    Sale price Rs. 76,800.00 Regular price
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  • Camilla Embodied Jacket With Drape Skirt

    A delectable concoction of vivacity, feminine delicacy, and fresh romance, 'Sugar Rush' embodies the spirit of the modern millennial bride-to-be. Spunky, free-spirited, and buzzing with love,...

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  • Dresses

    Caroline In Neon Pink Sequin Dress

    Make a statement with our stunning neon pink sequin dress. The vibrant and bold neon pink color is sure to turn heads, while the sequin detailing...

    Regular price Rs. 46,800.00
    Sale price Rs. 46,800.00 Regular price
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  • Top

    Cecilia's Sheer Top With Sequins Skirt

    As the festive season approaches, be sure to dazzle in molten gowns and an abundance of sequins Individual Prices Top: 26800 Skirt: 17800

    Regular price Rs. 44,600.00
    Sale price Rs. 44,600.00 Regular price
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