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Iconic Diaries
Tanieya Khanuja's latest offering 'Iconic Diaries' is a tribute to iconic women who are small yet impactful differences in the world every day. From taking the boardroom by storm to organising the perfect brunch, 'Iconic Diaries' is for women who are permeating every sphere of life. The collection aims at empowering women through carefully designed confident silhouettes, comfortable fabric, and versatile designs that will take them places.

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  • Lilac Charm Off-Shoulder Tassel Dress

    Indulge in the enchanting allure of our lilac mesmerization dress, adorned with playful tassel embellishments. Designed with off-shoulder elegance and a confidence enhancing fit, it exudes...

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  • Frozen Dream Jacquard Dress

    Introducing our Structured Ice Blue Bustier Jacquard Dress, a captivating blend of modern sophistication and timeless allure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this dress exudes...

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  • Dusty Rose Dream Jacquard Dress

    The thoughtfully designed structure of the dress ensures a flattering fit, while the intricate jacquard pattern adds a touch of texture and visual interest. Pair it...

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  • Ivory Elegance Jacquard Dress

    Elevate your wardrobe with our Structured White Jacquard Dress, a timeless and sophisticated addition to your collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this dress features...

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  • Dark Starlet Dress

    Introducing the enchanting Dark Starlet Dress! With its sleek, statement-making design, this dress epitomizes sophistication and style. From morning meetings to evening outings, it effortlessly transitions...

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  • Rainbow Sparkle Trail Dress

    Embrace bold glamour in this sequin dress with power shoulders that demand attention. Designed to hug your curves, it exudes confidence while the sparkling detailing adds...

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  • Bold Presence Black Gown

    Dazzle in this extraordinary dress that commands attention with its powerful shoulders and figure-enhancing silhouette. Embrace the allure of your curves as the smooth design accentuates...

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  • Bold Blue Belle Gown

    Step into the spotlight with this commanding dress, boasting powerful shoulders and a figure-enhancing silhouette. Embrace your curves as the sleek design accentuates your every move...

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  • Midnight Charm Babydoll Dress

    Presenting, the Midnight Charm Babydoll Dress of your dreams! Sleek, statement, and sophisticated - this one's gonna keep you company from 9 to 9. Slip into it...

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  • Midnight Mystique Feathered Sequin Dress

    Introducing "Fearless Elegance" - designed for the daring, with commanding power shoulders and a tailored bodice transitioning seamlessly into delicate feather embellishments. Command the night with...

    Regular price Rs. 94,800.00
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  • Twilight Twirl Pleated Sheer Bustier Dress

    Crafted for daring women who embrace life's edge, these garments exude intrigue. Sharp fringe accents complement delicate sheer fabric, enhancing their enigmatic allure.

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  • Glamour Glow Sequin Bustier Dress

    Introducing "Glamour Glow Sequin Bustier Dress" - a journey of gradual, steadfast ascent embodied in bold statement shoulders, delicate sheer accents, and a refined subtle sheen....

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