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  • Top

    Esmeralda Pleated Topsuit

    With a structured bodice and delicate floral embroidery, this top is a youthful medley of craftsmanship and style.  

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  • Gown

    Esther Extravagant Top With Taffeta Skirt

    Take a moment, make a wish for grandiosity marries humility in a celebration of celestial energy and earthly magnanimity.The trans-seasonal outfit is as good as an...

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  • Evergreen Aura Ombre Pleated Dress

    "Evergreen Aura" - meticulously designed and expertly tailored, featuring commanding power shoulders and a gracefully structured silhouette for a confident fit. Unleash feminine strength with a...

    Regular price Rs. 66,600.00
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  • Fearless Glamour Dress With Standout Shoulders

    Introducing "Fearless Glamour" - designed for those unafraid to stand out, featuring commanding power shoulders and a sleek fitted bodice transitioning into delicate feather accents. Command...

    Regular price Rs. 96,800.00
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  • Femme Fatale

    If there’s one fun and flirty dress I keep reaching out for, it has to be this pleated lavender dress. I took it on a twirl...

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  • Dress

    Fiona Dreamy Dress

    With delicate embroidery and statement sleeves, the dress exudes an ethereal aura.

    Regular price Rs. 59,800.00
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  • Dress

    Firecracker Sequin Bling Dress

    Glamour gets a new address in this bling dress with sequins and an off-shoulder silhouette.

    Regular price Rs. 34,800.00
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  • Top

    Flora In Structured Monochrome Gown

    Make a statement with this stunning structured monochrome gown. The unique and eye-catching design features a sleek and structured silhouette in a bold monochrome color scheme....

    Regular price Rs. 118,800.00
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  • Florence Ruffle Layered Saree

    A woman's wedding is one of the most special days of her life. At Tanieya Khanuja, we believe in not just making the bride's D-day special...

    Regular price Rs. 64,800.00
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  • Frozen Dream Jacquard Dress

    Introducing our Structured Ice Blue Bustier Jacquard Dress, a captivating blend of modern sophistication and timeless allure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this dress exudes...

    Regular price Rs. 36,800.00
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  • Dress

    Gianna In Signature Bodycon Silhouette Dress

    Make a statement with this signature bodycon silhouette dress. The figure-hugging design accentuates every curve, creating a flattering and sexy look. The sleek and elegant style...

    Regular price Rs. 86,800.00
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  • Glamour Glow Sequin Bustier Dress

    Introducing "Glamour Glow Sequin Bustier Dress" - a journey of gradual, steadfast ascent embodied in bold statement shoulders, delicate sheer accents, and a refined subtle sheen....

    Regular price Rs. 56,800.00
    Sale price Rs. 56,800.00 Regular price
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