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    Sarah In Ombre Top With Sequined Pants

    Joy, hope, playfulness...a pinwheel's colours and energy signify the beginning of good times, a moment of pure happiness, and the innocence of childhood. Its whimsical motions...

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    Piper In Pleated Organza Top And Pants

    A sheer wonder, this whimsical top marries soft ruffles with a sheer dreamy fabric. Paired with sequined pants, the outfit balances ethereal charm with eye-catching glam....

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  • Dresses


    Soft romanticism meets bold silhouettes to narrate pastel stories woven in dreamy fabrics, divine colours, and delicate embroidery. Meet 'Pastel Dreams'. Made for women who love...

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  • The Right Kind Of Blues

    On some days, you just need the right accessories to add a dash of panache to your outfit. Which is why, I opted for a slim...

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  • Subtlety Is The Name Of The Game

    A pair of pleated trousers is as essential as a good pair of jeans. I paired mine with a corset-style tie-dye top. To keep the look...

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  • Dress

    Sofia In Black Power Shoulder Pant Suit

    Make a powerful statement with this black power shoulder pant suit. The sleek and stylish design features bold power shoulders that exude confidence and strength, while...

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  • Shraddha Kapoor Looks Alluring In Tanieya Khanuja

    Shraddha Kapoor steals the limelight as she steps out in a Tanieya Khanuja ensemble. The actress looks alluring in a chic pair of tailored pants and...

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  • Dresses

    Sadie In Ruffle Top With Sequined Pants

    Our ruffle top with sequin pants set is the perfect combination of feminine and glamorous. The ruffle top features delicate and voluminous layers of fabric that...

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  • Olivia Mesh Top With Pleated Pants

    Mysticism is something that gives birth to curiosity and curiosity drives us towards reservoirs of arcane wisdom and knowledge. Through this collection, Tanieya Khanuja has attempted...

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  • Dress

    Maria In Peplum Top With Pants

    Introducing our stylish and versatile peplum top with pants set, perfect for any occasion. The peplum top is designed with a flattering, flared hemline that accentuates...

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  • Dresses

    Lillian In Blue Ombre Top With Brocade Pants

    Our blue ombré top with brocade pants set is the perfect combination of elegance and style. The blue ombré top features a beautiful gradient of blue...

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  • Dresses

    Ella's Dramatic Shoulder Sequined Shirt

    The Tanieya Khanuja Holiday Collection is back to add some sheer elegance to your vacays. This exquisite ensemble with dramatic details and a soft sheer fabric...

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